The prestige brought to the territories and the economy of the region:

To keep driving, Let's be attentive and concerned, Together !
Two Objectives of the Morocco Stage: Chrono and Waste Zero
We are counting on you to leave no trace of your passing in nature on the Morocco Tour Stage! Whenever possible, we supply our supplies with local food and thus participate in the influence of the territories and the economy of the region.

Promotion of Bicycle and Sustainable Mobility:

Privilege & promote soft & sustainable mobility! The Etape Morocco pushes cycling in the city, because:
• By going to the office by bike, you avoid greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), sparing you the stress of traffic jams!
• You protect your city by leading by example
• You save money by consuming less fossil fuels while doing yourself good!

Encourage future generations to practice cycling:

This is the spearhead of l’Étape du Tour Morocco. On our home village, fun activities will be proposed to:
• Work on balance.
• Create a bicycle-youth link so that it can be used as an essential means of transportation; this, for the health of young people & for our planet.
• Share moments with loved ones!

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